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A note about CE credit:
Express CE activities are adapted from longer CE activities published as The Rx Consultant Updates and Reviews. The related Update & Review is identified at the top of each Express activity (see "Adapted from:"). Because the content is very similar, you can receive CE credit for either the longer Update and Review or the Express activities, but not both. For example, if you have received credit for an Update and Review, you cannot receive credit for a related Express activity. Similarly, if you have received credit for two Express activities adapted from the same Update & Review, you cannot receive credit for the Update & Review.

Click on a title to display an individual article for that CE activity.

To receive CE credit for the activity, just answer the questions as they appear in the activity and click "Submit Quiz" at the end of the activity. Your answers will be submitted to The Rx Consultant website for grading and an evaluation will be presented for completion. If you pass the quiz, a credit statement will be sent to your account. If you do not pass, feel free to change your answers in the Express CE activity and submit them again.

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Title Publication Dateasc Expiration Date CE Hours
  An Evolving View of Menopausal Hormone Therapy
The Bottom Line 03/01/2009 07/01/2011 0.05
  Depression: Treating to Recovery
The Bottom Line 03/01/2009 09/01/2011 0.05
Patient Education 04/01/2009 09/01/2011 0.05
  Eczema in Children
Patient Education 10/01/2009 06/01/2012 0.0
The Bottom Line 10/01/2009 06/01/2012 0.05
  New Considerations for the Treatment of Diabetes in 2008
Patient Education 10/01/2009 12/01/2011 0.05
  New Drugs 2007-2008: A Review of Selected Agents
2008 New Drug Highlights: Aliskiren, Nebivolol, and Lisdexamfetamine 05/01/2009 05/01/2011 0.0
2008 New Anti-HIV Drug Highlights: Maraviroc, Raltegravir, Etravirine 05/01/2009 05/01/2011 0.0
  New Drugs 2008-2009: A Review of Selected Agents
2009 New Drug Highlights: Milnacipran, Silodosin, and Fesoterodine 04/01/2009 04/01/2012 0.0
2009 New Drug Highlights: Alvimopan, Methylnaltrexone 06/01/2009 04/01/2012 0.0