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Titleasc Date
“BHRT” Compounding Pharmacies Warned 02/01/2008
New Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Requirements 02/01/2008
Severe Musculoskeletal Pain Linked to Bisphosphonates 02/01/2008
Vitamin D and Dementia 09/01/2014
Warfarin vs. Aspirin for Older Patients with Atrial Fib 10/01/2007
"Nocebo" Effect with Statins 02/01/2021
$4 Generics May Interfere with Quality Improvement 01/01/2011
“Bad Ad” Program Launched 07/01/2010
“Know the Label” Campaign 03/01/2011
“Nocebo” Responses to Migraine Meds 12/01/2009
“Top-Five Lists” To Improve Care and Cut Costs 07/01/2011
Apadaz® - Yet Another Opioid- Acetaminophen Combination 05/01/2018
Brilinta® - Brintellix® Mix-Up 09/01/2015
Bunavail® for Opioid Dependence 06/01/2017
Dupixent® for Atopic Eczema 05/01/2017
FluMist® Come-Back 04/01/2018
FluMist® Is Out for 2016-2017 09/01/2016
Orilissa® - A New Drug for Endometriosis Pain 09/01/2018
Symbicort® Approved for Asthma in Younger Children 03/01/2017
ZerviateTM Approved for Allergic Conjunctivitis 07/01/2017
AmpyraTM Approved for MS 03/01/2010
Avandia® Safer Than Thought 07/01/2013
Avandia® Controversy Continues 04/01/2010
Avandia® Use Restricted 11/01/2010
AxonaTM; Medical Food for AD 06/01/2009
Bendectin® Back as Diclegis® 05/01/2013
Chantix® May Be Safer Than Thought 11/01/2014
Contrave® Joins Obesity Fight  10/01/2014
Crestor®’s Expanded Indication 03/01/2010
Emend® Interacts with OCs 04/01/2009
EpiPen® Underprescribed 05/01/2009
Flonase® Granted OTC Status 09/01/2014
Fluzone® High-Dose for Seniors 10/01/2013
Foradil® and Serevent® Ban 02/01/2009
Gardasil® Vaccine for Men? 02/01/2009
Harvoni® - A Once Daily Combo Pill for Hepatitis C 12/01/2014
Kapidex® Approved 04/01/2009
KcentraTM for Bleeding Due to Warfarin 06/01/2013
Lunesta® Dosing Follows the Path of Ambien® 07/01/2014
NamzaricTM for Alzheimer’s 02/01/2015
NamzaricTM for Alzheimer’s 02/01/2015
NataziaTM: A New OC 06/01/2010
Onglyza for Type 2 Diabetes 09/01/2009
Plavix® with PPIs Re-visited 12/01/2009
Plavix®-PPI Interaction Not Problematic After All? 11/01/2010
Pradaxa® Likely to Replace Warfarin 11/01/2010
Simcor® Approved 04/01/2008
Tivicay® Approved 10/01/2013
Triumeq® - A Once DailyCombo Pill for HIV 11/01/2014
Zicam® Linked to Loss of Smell 07/01/2009
10 Years of Tamoxifen Better Than 5 for Breast Cancer 01/01/2013
1st Drug for Basal Cell Cancer 03/01/2012
1st Drug for Tardive Dyskinesia 06/01/2017
2 vs 3 Doses of HPV Vaccine for Younger Adolescents 12/01/2016
2010 Adult Vaccine Schedule 03/01/2010
2017-18 Flu Vaccine Recommendations 10/01/2017
2019 Dementia Risk Reduction Guideline 09/01/2019
2019-20 Flu Vaccine Recommendations 11/01/2019
2X Dose for Obese Women 09/01/2016
3 Drugs Switch to OTC Status 04/01/2020
3 x Per Week Azithromycin for Uncontrolled Asthma 10/01/2017
4TH SGLT2 Inhibitor Approved 02/01/2018
5 vs 10 Year Osteoporosis Treatment 02/01/2007
5-a Reductase Inhibitors & ED 11/01/2016
A Biologic for Migraine Prevention 07/01/2018
A Few Factors May Cause Most Pain Medicine Errors 03/01/2011
A New Antidepressant 03/01/2011
A New Blood Sugar Indicator 12/01/2008
A New Fibromyalgia Drug 03/01/2009
A New HIV Drug 03/01/2008
A New Lupus Drug: Benlysta® 04/01/2011
A Zoster Vaccine Booster? 04/01/2015
Abuse-Deterrent Opioids 02/01/2013
Access to Histories Changes ED Physician Prescribing Plans 11/01/2010
Accuracy of Measuring Liquid Doses 10/01/2010
ACE Inhibitor Cough Worse Than Originally Thought 12/01/2010
ACE Inhibitors Probably Better Than ARBs for DM 05/01/2014
ACE Inhibitors, ARBs Linked to Acute Kidney Injury 12/01/2013
ACEI & ARB Equally Effective 05/01/2008
ACEI Cough is Beneficial? 09/01/2012
ACEIs & ARBs: Small Effects on Kidney Function Linked to Serious Problems 04/01/2017
ACEIs and ARBs in COVID-19 Patients 06/01/2020
Acetaminophen Plus NSAID Superior for Acute Pain 05/01/2010
Acetaminophen Safety 01/01/2007
Acetaminophen Skin Reactions 09/01/2013
Acid-Suppressing Drugs Linked to Bacterial GI infections 03/01/2017
ACOG Guideline Supports OTC Access to Contraception 11/01/2019
ACP Relaxes A1C Targets for T2D 04/01/2018
Actos® Linked with Bladder Cancer 07/01/2012
Acupuncture for Chronic Pain 10/01/2012
Acupuncture for Hot Flashes Caused by Tamoxifen 06/01/2008
Acupuncture Plus PPI for GERD 02/01/2008
Acute Sinusitis Does Not Respond to Antibiotic or Nasal Steroid 01/01/2008
Adding Guanfacine to Stimulant Therapy for ADHD 04/01/2012
Add-On Diabetes Therapy: Semaglutide vs Canagliflozin 11/01/2019
ADE Rates Remain High in US 03/01/2017
ADHD Drugs and Sleep 01/01/2016
ADHD Drugs Update 04/01/2007
ADHD Medication Concerns 01/01/2008
Adherence is Lower With Metformin Than Other Drugs 02/01/2018
Adherence and Pharmacy Type - Mail-Order or Community 10/01/2011
Adult Immunizations Updated 12/01/2007
Adulterated Supplements on Shelves 12 Months After Recall 12/01/2014
Adverse Sunscreen Effects 04/01/2015
AemcoloTM - A New Drug For Traveler’s Diarrhea 01/01/2019
After a Fracture, Elders Still On High Risk Drugs 10/01/2016
AHA Amends CPR Guidelines 05/01/2008
Alarming Opioid Trends 01/01/2015
Alcohol-Drug Interactions Often Missed 09/01/2007
Alemtuzumab for MS 12/01/2013
Allergy Seasons Getting Worse 05/01/2010
Alternative Medicine Use in Children 03/01/2009
Alternative Treatment for AFib 10/01/2009
AMA Proposes Banning Prescription Drug Ads 01/01/2016
American Heart Association Statement on Statin Safety 02/01/2019
Amitriptyline & Topiramate – Not for Pediatric Migraine 12/01/2016
Amphetamine Isomer Found in Supplements 06/01/2015
An App for Menopause 12/01/2014
An Immunotherapy Tablet For House Dust Mite Allergy 04/01/2017
Analytics Programs Target Nonadherence 11/01/2012
Annovera– A 12 Month Birth Control Ring 10/01/2018
Another Choice For HIV 02/01/2016
Another Long-Acting Insulin 11/01/2015
Another New Fast Acting Insulin 10/01/2020
Another Reason to Get a Flu Vaccination 02/01/2009
Another Reason to Limit Antibiotic Prescriptions 09/01/2008
Another Statin Benefit? 11/01/2012
Another Use for Minocycline 11/01/2007
Anti-Abuse OxyContin® 05/01/2010
Antibiotic Courses are Still Too Long 07/01/2021
Antibiotic Use and Risk of Colorectal Cancer 10/01/2019
Antibiotics are Prescribed to Pregnant Women Despite ACOG Recommendation 03/01/2018
Antibiotics Change the Gut Microbiome 01/01/2016
Antibiotics Overused For Sinusitis 05/01/2018
Antibiotics Overused in Acne 04/01/2017
Anticholinergic Drugs & The Elderly: Not a Good Mix 11/01/2009
Anticholinergic Inhalers - Concerns in COPD Patients 11/01/2008
Anti-Clot Combinations Dangerous for GI Tract 07/01/2009
Anticoagulant Choice Part of New Stroke Guideline 04/01/2014
Anticoagulants Often Not Monitored Adequately 07/01/2007
Anticoagulants Protect Against Dementia in Patients with A-Fib? 12/01/2017
Anticoagulants Recommended for More AF Patients 04/01/2015
Anticonvulsants Don’t Work for Low Back Pain 09/01/2018
Antidepressant Drug Interactions Common Among Seniors 02/01/2011
Antidepressant Use is Common 09/01/2009
Antidepressant Warnings Expanded 02/01/2007
Antidepressant Warnings Expanded, Again 06/01/2007
Antidepressants - Some May Be Better Than Others 03/01/2018
Antidepressants & GI Bleeding 09/01/2008
Antidepressants Affect Driving 11/01/2012
Antidepressants on FDA Watch List 03/01/2018
Antidepressants Unlikely to Increase Suicide Risk 02/01/2016
Antidepressants Used for Low Back Pain Likely Not Helpful 03/01/2021
Antifungal for Toenails Approved  07/01/2014
Antihypertensive Drugs May Increase Risk of Falls 04/01/2014
Antihypertensive Recall: What You Should Know 02/01/2019
Antihypertensives Extend Life 02/01/2012
Antipsychotics Appear Safe During Pregnancy 07/01/2015
Antiviral Prescriptions Soar Amid H1N1 Flu Concerns 06/01/2009
APAP & Asthma Risk in Teens 10/01/2010
APAP Best for Hypertension Patients 01/01/2009
APAP Daily Max is 3,000 mg 09/01/2011
Apixaban (Eliquis®) Approved 02/01/2013
Apixaban or Rivaroxaban for Atrial Fibrillation? 05/01/2020
Apixaban Prophylaxis for Patients On Chemotherapy 02/01/2019
Applying the Corresponding Responsibility Doctrine 11/01/2009
Appointments Improve Adherence 03/01/2014
ARBs as Good as ACEIs for Those Without Heart Failure 03/01/2016
ARBs Linked to Cancer? 07/01/2010
ARBs May Prevent Dementia 02/01/2010
Arrhythmias With Lamictal® 07/01/2021
ASA Bleeding Risk Higher Than Expected in Elders 07/01/2017
ASA for Primary Prevention May Not Benefit Most Women 01/01/2015
As-Needed Dosing of Nasal Steroids 12/01/2008
Aspirin + Low-Dose Rivaroxaban For CAD or PAD 12/01/2018
Aspirin and Reduced GI Cancer Risk 06/01/2020
Aspirin Confusion? 06/01/2015
Aspirin for Migraines 02/01/2020
Aspirin for Recurrent VTE Prevention 12/01/2012
Aspirin Risks Outweigh Benefits in Older Adults 11/01/2018
Aspirin Under-Used 05/01/2007
Aspirin vs Other Anticoagulants After Knee Replacement 12/01/2018
AsteprozTM - OTC Antihistamine Nasal Spray 08/01/2021
Asthma Guidelines Followed? 05/01/2009
Asthma Guidelines Updated 10/01/2007
Asthma Meds in Hand at Discharge Improve Outcomes 04/01/2016
Asthmatics Overuse Quick Relief Inhalers 02/01/2014
Automatic Alerts Impact Order Entry Prescribing 10/01/2009
Avandia® and Actos™ Linked to Fractures in Women 04/01/2007
Avandia® Criticized Again 10/01/2009
Avandia® Update 09/01/2007
Avandia® Warning Expanded 01/01/2008
Avoid Certain Antidepressants During Tamoxifen Treatment 07/01/2009
Avoid Clarithromycin in Patients with Heart Disease 04/01/2018
Avoid Homeopathic Teething Remedies 03/01/2017
Avoid NSAIDs Late in Pregnancy 12/01/2020
Avoid Quinine for Muscle Cramps 04/01/2010
Azithromycin and Risk of Cardiovascular Related Death 07/01/2012
Azithromycin Prophylaxis for COPD 10/01/2011
B Vitamins Do Not Prevent Heart Attacks or Strokes 12/01/2009
Bacterial Resistance Linked to a Single Antibiotic Course 03/01/2007
Barbershop-Managed Hypertension 07/01/2018
Bedtime l-Thyroxine Improves Thyroid Levels 05/01/2007
Beers Criteria Updated 05/01/2012
Benzene Contaminants Found in Sunscreens 08/01/2021
Benzocaine Eardrops Can Be Fatal 09/01/2015
Benzodiazepines Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease 10/01/2014
Best Antidepressant? 03/01/2009
Best Bronchodilator for COPD 05/01/2011
Best Meds for Alcohol Use Disorders 06/01/2014
Best Treatments for Chronic Sinusitis 10/01/2015
Beta-Blockers May Lower Risk of Dementia 02/01/2013
Bias of Pharmaceutical News 11/01/2008
Bisphosphonate Guidance 03/01/2016
Bisphosphonates and Femur Fractures 12/01/2010
Bisphosphonates May Add Years to Life 03/01/2011
Bisphosphonates Raise Atrial Fibrillation Risk 10/01/2013
Bleach Baths for Eczema 07/01/2009
Bleeding Risk Linked with Synthetic Cannabinoids 12/01/2018
Boxed Warning / REMS No Longer Required for Chantix® 02/01/2017
Boxed Warnings for Hundreds of Opioids & Benzodiazepines 10/01/2016
Brand to Generic Switches 01/01/2016
Breakthrough COVID-19 Cases Post-Vaccination 06/01/2021
Breast Cancer Chemoprevention 03/01/2019
Breast Cancer Prevention Options Updated 09/01/2013
Brintellix® Is Now Trintellix® 06/01/2016
Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Use in Children Is Excessive 12/01/2011
Bupropion Abuse On The Rise 09/01/2015
Bupropion for Overweight Adults with Depression 07/01/2016
Caffeine “AeroShots” Criticized by FDA 05/01/2012
Calcitonin Loses Support for Treating Osteoporosis 04/01/2013
Calcium & Vitamin D Do Not Reduce Fracture Risk in Older Adults 03/01/2018
Calcium Channel Blockers and Eczema 03/01/2008
Calcium Supplements and Dementia Risk in Older Women 11/01/2016
Calcium Supplements May Not Increase Bone Density 02/01/2013
California Pharmacists to Furnish HIV Medications 12/01/2019
CAM Decreases ICS Adherence 03/01/2010
CAM Guideline for MS 05/01/2014
CAM Use Is Common 01/01/2008
Can Topically Applied Drugs Cause Anaphylaxis? 10/01/2007
Canagliflozin - New Approval In Patients with T2 Diabetes 12/01/2018
Cancer Patients and Risk of Drug Interactions 06/01/2007
Cancer Risk with Lorcaserin 03/01/2020
Cannabidiol Interacts with Antiepileptic Drugs 01/01/2017
CAP Linked to Antipsychotics 06/01/2010
Cardiac Exam Before Starting Methylphenidate in Kids 07/01/2016
Cardiac Screening for ADHD Medications 06/01/2008
CDC Proposes Opioid Prescribing Guideline 02/01/2016
CDC Reminds Us That Antibiotic Resistance is Serious 01/01/2011
CDC Vaccine Schedule is Not Followed for Many Children 04/01/2020
Cefixime Tablets are Back 06/01/2008
Celecoxib No Worse Than Ibuprofen or Naproxen 01/01/2017
Certain Antibiotics Linked with Kidney Stones 07/01/2018
Certain Patient Factors May Reduce COVID-19 Vaccine Response 08/01/2021
CFC Inhaler Final Phase Out 06/01/2010
Changing Prescribing to Prevent Adverse Drug Events 05/01/2016
Chantix® Update 03/01/2008
Chlorthalidone May Not Be as Safe as Hydrochlorothiazide 05/01/2020
CHOICE Validates LARC in Teens 11/01/2014
Chondroitin Similar to Celecoxib for Knee Arthritis 07/01/2017
Cialis® Approved for BPH 11/01/2011
Cilostazol for Recurrent Stroke Prevention 10/01/2010
Citicoline May Help Memory 04/01/2013
Clarithromycin Interacts with Safer Statins 02/01/2015
Clarithromycin Linked With Cardiovascular Events 05/01/2013
Clonidine or Spironolactone? (for Resistant Hypertension) 05/01/2018
Clopidogrel + ASA for AFib 05/01/2009
CNS Polypharmacy Among Older Adults with Dementia 05/01/2021
Codeine and Tramadol Now Contraindicated in Kids 06/01/2017
Coffee & Thyroxine Absorption 10/01/2008
Coffee Appears Healthy 02/01/2009
Cognitive Impairment with Topiramate is Dose Dependent 05/01/2011
Colchicine After Heart Attack Appears Beneficial 02/01/2020
Combo Antithrombotic Bleeding Risk 12/01/2013
Combo Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Gets EUA for Mild-to-Moderate COVID-19 03/01/2021
Common Medications May Be Contributing to Depression 09/01/2018
Community Pharmacy Fairness Act of 2009 04/01/2009
Compelling Stats to Push for More COVID-19 Vaccinations 08/01/2021
Compensation for Vaccines 03/01/2007
Compounded Topical Pain Creams Not Worth the High Cost 04/01/2019
Compounding Registry Law Passed 01/01/2014
Concerns Over Rx Drug Costs 04/01/2008
Confusion About Proper Use of Antibiotics 04/01/2021
Consumer Misunderstandings About FDA Approved Medications 11/01/2011
Consumer Reports Takes On High Drug Costs 05/01/2009
Contraception Injection Service? 10/01/2010
Controversial Approval: LiptruzetTM 06/01/2013
Controversial Drug Approval for Alzheimer's Disease 08/01/2021
Cool Caps Prevent Hair Loss From Chemotherapy 04/01/2017
Corticosteroid Use in Children Linked to Side Effects 01/01/2020
Cost Reduces Adherence to Cardiovascular Medications 02/01/2020
Cough & Cold Medicines Risky for Young Children 02/01/2007
Cough Medicine Abuse 01/01/2007
Covid-19 Drug Shortages 05/01/2020
COVID-19 GI Symptoms More Common Than Thought 05/01/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy 07/01/2021
COVID-19 Vaccine Interim Updates 03/01/2021
COVID-19: Big Drop in Childhood Vaccinations 07/01/2020
CPE Monitor Has Arrived 12/01/2011
Curbing Antipsychotic Use in Nursing Homes 07/01/2012
Curbing BZD Use in Elders 06/01/2014
CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco 03/01/2014
Dabigatran Appears Safer with Blood Level Monitoring 09/01/2014
Dabigatran Complications 06/01/2012
Dabigatran-Statin Interaction 03/01/2017
Daily Bisacodyl for Constipation 09/01/2011
Daily Erythromycin for COPD 01/01/2009
Daliresp™ Approved for COPD 04/01/2011
Dangerous Combination: Pregabalin Plus an Opioid 11/01/2018
Dangers of Compounded Topical Anesthetics 03/01/2007
Dapagliflozin Approved for CKD 06/01/2021
DDAVP Loses Bedwetting Indication 01/01/2008
Death Rates Drop with Statins or Exercise - or Both 03/01/2013
Declining Prescriptions for Antibiotics 07/01/2007
Delay in Tamper-Resistant Rx Pads Law 11/01/2007
Delirium Linked with Antibiotics 04/01/2016
Dementia-Related Symptoms: Non-Drug Treatments Are Better 12/01/2019
Deprescribing Gaining Momentum 08/01/2021
Depression - Undertreated? 10/01/2016
Dexamethasone for COVID-19 09/01/2020
Diabetes Drugs Linked To Severe Joint Pain 10/01/2015
Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Successful Long-Term 01/01/2017
Diabetes: One Size Does NOT Fit All 06/01/2012
Diclofenac Appears to Cause More CV Events Than Other NSAIDs 11/01/2018
Diclofenac as Risky as Vioxx® 07/01/2010
Dietary Supplements Pose Choking Hazard For Seniors 10/01/2019
Digital “e-Pills” Have Arrived 09/01/2012
Digoxin Linked to Increased Mortality 06/01/2015
Digoxin Recall 07/01/2008
Dimebon for Alzheimer’s Disease 10/01/2008
Distribution of DisposeRxTM May Be Widespread in 2020 02/01/2020
Disturbing Side Effects of Potiga® 06/01/2013
Diuretic May Be Helpful for Autism 03/01/2020
Diuretic Plus Ca++ Blocker Not The Best Combo for HTN 03/01/2010
Do OCs Lower the Risk of RA? 10/01/2017
Do Statins Reduce Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness? 12/01/2015
Do Vitamin D and Calcium Lower Fracture Risk? 03/01/2020
Does Daily Cannabis Use Cause Psychosis? 05/01/2019
Does Phenylephrine Work? 04/01/2007
Donepezil for Sleep Apnea? 03/01/2012
Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome (DAWS) 02/01/2010
DPN Treatments - All Similar? 02/01/2015
DPP-4 Inhibitors Do Not Increase (or Decrease) Risk of Cardiovascular Events 10/01/2013
Dr. Oz Promotes Pharmacists As Valuable Consultants 12/01/2010
Droxidopa for Neurogenic Orthostatic Hypotension 04/01/2014
Drug Exposures in Young Children 04/01/2020
Drug Induced Liver Injury 02/01/2009
Drug interactions with Medications and ED Prescriptions Common 06/01/2019
Drug Interactions with Oral Cancer Drugs are Common 05/01/2012
Drug-Coated Stent Dilemma 01/01/2007
Drugs for Incontinence in Women Not Very Helpful 05/01/2012
Drugs Linked to SJS or TEN 04/01/2008
Drugs May Not Help Mild to Moderate Depression 02/01/2010
Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After a Stroke? 07/01/2018
Dual Treatment for Migraines 06/01/2007
E Cigs Linked to CV Problems 12/01/2017
Earlier Drug Treatment Advised for Type 2 02/01/2007
Ebola Overshadowing More Likely Serious Infections 11/01/2014
E-Cigarettes: Role in Smoking Cessation? 10/01/2013
E-Cigs Versus Nicotine Replacement Products For Smoking Cessation 04/01/2019
ED Treatment Guidelines 12/01/2009
Edarbyclor® Approved 02/01/2012
Educate Patients About Online Pharmacies 11/01/2012
Emergency Contraception Access Expanding, Again 05/01/2013
Emergency Contraception for Younger Teens 01/01/2013
Emergency Contraceptive Still Restricted to Ages 17 & Over 02/01/2012
Environment as Important as Medication for Asthma Control 12/01/2016
EpiPen® Expiration Extended 10/01/2018
E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances Legal in All 50 States 10/01/2015
Equivalence of Generic Wellbutrin XL Questioned 12/01/2007
Erenumab (Aimovig®) Increases BP 03/01/2021
Estrogen Exposure and Cognition in Late Life 03/01/2020
Even Short-term Corticosteroid Use Linked to Risks 06/01/2017
Every 2-year Dose of Reclast® for Osteoporosis Prevention 07/01/2009
Exemestane (Aromasin®) for Breast Cancer Prevention 07/01/2011
Exercise After 50 Prolongs Life 04/01/2009
Exercise As Good As Drug Therapy 11/01/2013
Exercise is Good for Arthritis 09/01/2018
Exercise Lowers Cancer Risk 03/01/2020
Exercise, Not Supplements, Reduces Falls in Older Adults 06/01/2018
Expanded Cough & Cold Product Restrictions for Kids 11/01/2008
Expanded Indications Approved for HPV Vaccine 09/01/2020
Expanded Use for Rosuvastatin Getting Closer 02/01/2010
Expired Intranasal Flu Vaccine 10/01/2014
Extended Release Niacin Trumps Zetiam® 01/01/2010
Extra Calcium Not Needed 11/01/2015
Extraordinary Drug Price Hikes 02/01/2010
Exubera Sales Halted 12/01/2007
Ezetimibe (Zetia®) Effectiveness Questioned 02/01/2008
Ezetimibe for Older Patients At Risk for CV Events 01/01/2019
Famotidine May Improve COVID-19 Outcomes 07/01/2020
Fatal Home Medication Errors on the Rise 09/01/2008
Fatalities Linked to Heparin 05/01/2008
FDA Approves Juvisync ® 11/01/2011
FDA Approves Omnaris® 01/01/2007
FDA Considering “Safe-Use” Class of OTC Medications 06/01/2012
FDA Continues Effort to Improve Medication Safety 12/01/2009
FDA Continues to Address ARBs Contaminated with NItrosamines 06/01/2019
FDA Follow-Up Criticized 03/01/2016
FDA Gets More “Transparent” 09/01/2009
FDA OKs Teva’s Bupropion XL 06/01/2008
FDA Releases a CBD Consumer Update 03/01/2020
FDA Ruling on Asthma Drug Questioned 04/01/2010
FDA Takes a Close Look at Gliptin Cardiovascular Safety 05/01/2015
FDA Considers Limits on the Bisphosphonate Use 10/01/2011
FDA’s Drug Safety Newsletter 11/01/2007
Fighting Antibiotic Resistance 03/01/2015
First Drug for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV Infection 09/01/2012
First FDA-Approved Cannabinoid 11/01/2018
First Oral GLP-1 Blocker 11/01/2019
First OTC Diagnostic COVID-19 Home Test 02/01/2021
First OTC Retinoid for Acne 09/01/2016
Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Prevent Asthma in Children 02/01/2017
Fish Oil Supplements Are Not Effective for Dry Eyes 06/01/2018
Five Days of Antibiotics Not Enough for Otitis Media 02/01/2017
Flibanserin For Female Sexual Dysfunction 07/01/2015
Flu Antiviral Info Clarified 12/01/2009
Flu Shots During Pregnancy May Benefit Newborns 11/01/2010
Fluoroquinolone Prescribing in the Long-Term Care Setting 03/01/2020
Fluoroquinolone Warning 02/01/2019
Fluoroquinolone Warning 09/01/2008
Fluoroquinolones Linked to Retinal Detachment 05/01/2012
Fluoroquinolones May Cause Peripheral Neuropathy 11/01/2014
Fluoroquinolones: Side Effect Update 10/01/2013
Fluvoxamine for COVID-19? 01/01/2021
Fluzone High-Dose® Approved 02/01/2010
Folic Acid May Prevent Strokes 05/01/2015
Folinic Acid for Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD) 10/01/2016
Fortesta 2% Approved 02/01/2011
Fraudulent Diabetes Drugs 09/01/2013
Free Antibiotics Criticized 04/01/2009
Gabapentin + Opioid Increases the Risk of Death 12/01/2017
Gabapentin May Help Chronic Cough 10/01/2012
Gardasil Safety Concerns 10/01/2009
Garlic Disappoints 05/01/2007
Generic AEDs Increase Use of Resources 07/01/2010
Generic Ambien® Approved 06/01/2007
Generics Just as Good as Rx 01/01/2009
Genetic Testing May Predict Response to Methotrexate 10/01/2008
Genetic Testing Predicts Severe Reaction in Asians 02/01/2008
GERD Linked to Hormone Use 11/01/2008
GI Bleeding on Anticoagulants Increases Colon Cancer Risk 04/01/2020
Ginkgo Biloba Does Not Prevent Dementia 01/01/2009
Ginkgo Biloba Does Not Stave Off Alzheimer’s Disease 10/01/2012
Ginseng for Cancer Fatigue 07/01/2007
Glucosamine May Lower CVD Disease Risk 07/01/2019
Glucosamine/Chondroitin May Reduce Risk of Death 02/01/2021
GMP Required for Dietary Supplements 09/01/2007
Google Assisting with Medication Disposal 04/01/2019
Guidance for Prescribing in Patients with Cirrhosis 07/01/2013
Guidelines for Opportunistic Infections in HIV-Infected Persons 06/01/2013
Guiding Principles For Diabetes Management Released 01/01/2015
H1N1 Flu Update 07/01/2009
H1N1 Vaccine Basics 11/01/2009
H1N1 Vaccine Safety and Egg Allergy Recommendation 01/01/2010
Hallucinations with ACE Inhibitor Use in Older Adults 03/01/2013
Hand Sanitizer Toxicity in Kids 04/01/2017
HCTZ Increases the Risk of 2 Types of Skin Cancer 06/01/2018
HCTZ Tops Chlorthalidone 05/01/2013
HCV Direct-Acting Antivirals May Reactivate HBV 11/01/2016
Hearing Loss and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Drugs 12/01/2007
Heart Attack & Stroke Linked to Plavix® plus PPIs? 12/01/2008
Heart Failure Patients Use NSAIDs, Despite Known Risks 03/01/2009
Heart Problems Common in Patients Hospitalized with Flu 11/01/2020
Herbal Products Under Fire 12/01/2013
Hibiscus Tea for High Blood Pressure? 12/01/2008
High Biotin (B7) Intake May Affect Lab Test Results 01/01/2018
High Calcium Intake Doesn’t Reduce Fracture Risk 07/01/2011
High Cost of New Hepatitis C Treatments 02/01/2014
High Uric Acid Linked to High Blood Pressure 10/01/2008
Higher Co-Pays Delay Treatment 07/01/2009
Higher Drug Prices in 2021 06/01/2021
Higher Reimbursement for COVID-19 Vaccinations 05/01/2021
Hip Fracture and Long Term Use of PPIs 02/01/2007
HIV Drug “Holidays” Risky 01/01/2007
HIV Guidelines Updated 01/01/2009
HIV Prevention - The Truvada® Controversy 01/01/2015
Hold SGLT2 Inhibitors Before Surgery 05/01/2020
Hold the MiraLAX® in Kids 02/01/2015
Hold the Acetaminophen After Childhood Vaccinations 12/01/2009
Home Blood Pressure Devices Often Inaccurate 07/01/2017
Home BP Monitoring Urged 07/01/2008
Homotaurine “Neutraceutical” 03/01/2010
Honey for Upper Respiratory Symptoms 10/01/2020
Hope for Patients Struggling With Insulin Prices 03/01/2019
Hormonal Contraceptives May Increase HIV Risk 11/01/2011
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Thromboembolism Risk 03/01/2019
Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer Extended to 10 Years 07/01/2014
Hormone Therapy Prevents Menopausal Depression? 03/01/2018
Hospitalization Due to Adverse Drug Events in Elders 01/01/2012
How Effective is Vicks VapoRub®? 12/01/2010
HPV & HBV Vaccine Updates 03/01/2012
HPV Vaccine Age-Range Expanded 01/01/2019
HPV Vaccine Safety 11/01/2012
HPV Vaccine Success 07/01/2013
HPV Vaccine: Two vs Three Shots 10/01/2011
HRT Breast Tenderness May Help Signal Breast Cancer Risk 11/01/2009
HRT For Younger Postmenopausal Women 09/01/2007
Hundreds of Illegal Websites Selling Unapproved Drugs 11/01/2017
Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin for Covid-19 05/01/2020
Hypertension Guideline for Seniors 06/01/2011
Hypertension Out-of-Control in the U.S. 10/01/2012
IBS Treatment Options 01/01/2009
Ibuprofen Best for Kids’ Pain 04/01/2007
Ibuprofen May Be A Better Option Than Morphine in Kids 12/01/2017
Ibuprofen Raises BP More Than Other NSAIDs 11/01/2017
Ice Bucket Challenge Paying Off? 09/01/2017
Impact of BP and Cholesterol Medications on Cognition 07/01/2019
Improved Communication Reduces Medical Errors and Adverse Events 12/01/2014
Improved Diabetes Control with Text Message Support 10/01/2018
Impurity in Viracept® 10/01/2007
Inappropriate Discharge Medications for Older Adults 09/01/2020
Increased Antidepressant Use Among Seniors – Despite No Increase in Depression 12/01/2019
Increased Diabetes Risk with Inhaled Steroids 02/01/2011
Increased Risk of Heart-Related Death with Febuxostat 01/01/2018
Increased Spending on Prescription Drugs 06/01/2015
Increased Suicide Rate Among Children and Teens 10/01/2007
Industry-Funded Trials More Likely to be Positive 09/01/2010
Influenza Update 02/01/2017
Inhaled Corticosteroids for COPD Raise Fracture Risk 05/01/2018
Inhaled Steroids in Children Reduce Adult Height 10/01/2012
Inhaled Steroids May Not Help in Mild Asthma 07/01/2019
Inhaler Errors Still Common 10/01/2016
Insomnia Guideline Steers Patients Away From Pills 06/01/2016
Integrated Med Records Help Pharmacists Reduce Errors 04/01/2012
Intensive BP Control Does Not Increase the Risk of Orthostatic Hypotension 11/01/2020
Intensive BP Control in High Risk Type 2 Diabetes 06/01/2010
Intensive BP Control May Be Best 12/01/2015
Intensive Treatment for Elders with Hypertension 07/01/2016
Interaction Alert: ACE Inhibitor or ARB Plus TMP-SMX 09/01/2010
Intermezzo® for Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia 01/01/2012
Is Bedtime Best for Hypertension Medications? 01/01/2020
Is Completing An Antibiotic Course Necessary? 09/01/2017
Isopropyl Alcohol Aromatherapy for Nausea & Vomiting 02/01/2019
Ivermectin Not (Yet) For COVID-19 11/01/2020
Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Emergency Use Authorization 04/01/2021
JanumetTM 05/01/2007
Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Spurs Potassium Iodide Sales 05/01/2011
Jornay PM – A New Methylphenidate Formulation 10/01/2018
June is Men’s Health Month 05/01/2013
K2 / Spice - What is It? 01/01/2017
KardiAssure® Urine Test Detects Poor Adherence to CV Medications 06/01/2018
Ketek® Use Limited 03/01/2007
Ketoconazole Warning - Again 07/01/2016
Kids with Lice: Go to School 05/26/2015
Landmark HIV Study: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Works 01/01/2011
Latest Evidence on COVID-19 Transmission 12/01/2020
Latest H1N1 and Seasonal Flu Vaccine Recommendations 09/01/2009
Legislative News
Drug Importation Push
Lemborexant for Insomnia in Older Patients 09/01/2019
Lifestyle Changes Trump Metformin for Pre-Diabetes 05/01/2015
Lifitegrast for Dry Eye Disease 10/01/2016
Linaclotide (LinzessTM) 10/01/2012
Liquid Nicotine in E-Cigs Can Be Toxic 05/01/2014
Liquids Need Standard Measurements 03/01/2014
Liraglutide (Victoza®) Improves Antipsychotic-Induced Prediabetes & Weight Gain 09/01/2017
Liraglutide for Obesity Management in Teens 07/01/2020
Liraglutide May Protect Against Kidney Disease 10/01/2017
Long-Term Analgesic Use Post-Op 06/01/2012
Long-term Antibiotic Use and Risk of Colorectal Tumors 05/01/2017
Long-Term ASA Increases Risk of Melanoma in Men 07/01/2018
Long-Term Aspirin Use May Curb Colorectal Cancer 04/01/2016
Long-term Metformin Use Prevents Type 2 Diabetes 06/01/2019
Long-Term OC Use Linked With Glaucoma 01/01/2014
Long-Term PPI Use Increases Risk for Gastric Cancer 12/01/2017
Long-Term Statins Appear Safe 01/01/2012
Loperamide Abuse Linked to Serious Heart Problems 07/01/2016
Loperamide Misuse 03/01/2018
Low Back Pain Guidelines 11/01/2007
Low Dose Aspirin Is Not Effective in Large Patients 09/01/2018
Low Dose Beta-Blockers Best Post-Heart Attack? 11/01/2015
Low Vitamin D Levels Increase Risk of COVID-19 10/01/2020
Low-Dose BCPs in the News 03/01/2007
Lymph Node Swelling with COVID-19 Vaccinations 07/01/2021
Lysteda ® for Heavy Periods 01/01/2010
Macrolide - Statin Interaction 07/01/2013
Macrolides During Pregnancy 04/01/2020
Maine Allowing Imported Prescription Medictions 11/01/2013
Managing HIV Occupational Exposure 09/01/2013
Managing Penicillin Allergy 03/01/2019
Managing Vaccine Allergy 10/01/2008
Many Asthmatics Don’t Get Pneumococcal Vaccine 11/01/2017
Many Patients Don’t Use Dry Powder Inhalers Correctly 12/01/2007
Many People with Hypertension Take BP-Raising Medications 07/01/2021
MDMA (Ecstasy) for PTSD 10/01/2010
Medical Cannabis Appears Safe for Elderly People 06/01/2019
Medicare to Cover Acupuncture in CMS Approved Studies 10/01/2019
Medication Delivery By Drones 01/01/2020
Medication Disposal Pouches 11/01/2016
Medication Errors in Kids With Cancer 06/01/2013
Medication Guide Hearings 05/01/2007
Medications are the Leading Cause of Poisonings in Kids 09/01/2009
Medications Found in Fish 05/01/2009
Medications No Better than Placebo for Acute Bronchitis 12/01/2013
Melatonin for ADHD Insomnia 07/01/2007
Melatonin Has Not Shown a Clinical Benefit for COVID-19 Management 12/01/2020
Melatonin May Prevent Migraines 06/01/2013
Meridia® in Dietary Supplements 12/01/2010
MERS - What to Tell Patients  06/01/2014
Metformin and the Risk of COVID-19 in Women 02/01/2021
Metformin for Gestational DM 06/01/2008
Metformin For Resistant Acne 09/01/2015
Metformin has Anti-Cancer Effects 05/01/2012
Metformin Not Prescribed Often Enough? 12/01/2014
Metformin OK for Some With Kidney Dysfunction 05/01/2016
Metformin Remains the First Choice For Diabetes 06/01/2016
Methylphenidate Boosts Antidepressant Response in Elders 04/01/2015
Midlife Cholesterol Linked to AD & Vascular Dementia 09/01/2009
Midlife Hormone Therapy May Help Prevent Dementia 02/01/2011
Migraine Guidelines for Children and Adolescents 10/01/2019
Migraine Prevention Update 06/01/2012
Milk Thistle for Diabetes? 03/01/2007
Misuse of EpiPens & Inhalers 02/01/2015
Misuse of Zolpidem is Common 10/01/2018
Monitor COPD Patients Who Are New To LABAs or LAMAs 02/01/2018
Monthly Aripiprazole Approved 04/01/2013
More Bad News For Vitamin E 12/01/2010
More Bad News for Vitamin E 01/01/2007
More Benefits of Limiting Salt Intake 06/01/2007
More Concerning News for Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) 07/01/2015
More Evidence of a Link Between Statins and Diabetes 05/01/2019
More Generics are Coming 09/01/2011
More Grapefruit Interactions 01/01/2013
More HIV Drugs Linked to Heart Attack 05/01/2008
More Indications for Lipitor® 04/01/2007
More Intense SBP Reduction in the Elderly Appears Good for Memory 04/01/2019
More Medicine is Not Better for Low Back Pain 12/01/2015
More NSAID Concerns 09/01/2015
More on Clarithromycin and Cardiovascular Disease 03/01/2016
More on Clarithromycin-Calcium Channel Blocker Interactions 01/01/2014
More on Vitamin D 10/01/2007
More Vitamin D News 09/01/2010
Most Surgery Patients Have Lots of Unused Opioids 09/01/2017
Mouthwash May Help Prevent COVID- 19 Spread 09/01/2020
Movement Towards Earlier Anti-HIV Treatment 04/01/2009
Multivitamins and CVD 12/01/2012
Multivitamins Don’t Benefit Postmenopausal Women 03/01/2009
Muscle Building Supplements Linked With Testicular Cancer 06/01/2015
Muscle Pain with Atorvastatin 01/01/2013
Naloxone From Pharmacists Reduces Opioid Deaths 07/01/2019
Naloxone Information Required in Opioid Labeling 10/01/2020
Naloxone Kits Gaining Momentum 03/01/2014
Nasal Flu Vaccine Safety in Children with Egg Allergy 02/01/2016
National Condom Month 02/01/2014
NDMA Found in Metformin ER Products 07/01/2020
Needle-free Local Anesthetic 07/01/2008
Neupro® Approved For PD 07/01/2007
New A1C Goal for Children with Type 1 Diabetes  09/01/2014
New ADHD Medication 05/01/2021
New Aliskiren (Tekturna®) Contraindication & Warning 06/01/2012
New Allergy Guideline 03/01/2015
New Antibiotic for Community Acquired Pneumonia 10/01/2019
New Antibiotic Ointment 06/01/2007
New Anticoagulants Appear Better Than Warfarin in AF 01/01/2014
New Antiviral for Influenza 12/01/2018
New App Approved For Substance Use Disorders 11/01/2017
New Beta-Blocker Approved 02/01/2008
New Biologics Approved for Migraine Prevention 11/01/2018
New Blood Pressure Drug 04/01/2007
New Breakthrough Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C 09/01/2011
New CDC Contraception Guideline 07/01/2010
New CE Standards 01/01/2009
New Cholesterol Drug 04/01/2020
New Combination Pill for Migraine 05/01/2008
New Combo Drug for HTN 10/01/2010
New Combo For Complicated Urinary Tract Infections 10/01/2017
New Coronavirus Stable for Days on Surfaces 04/01/2020
New Cox-2 Inhibitor Denied FDA Approval 11/01/2007
New Definition For High Blood Pressure 12/01/2017
New Diabetes Drug – Gall Bladder Concerns Raised 09/01/2016
New Drug For Schizophrenia 09/01/2015
New Drug For Skin Cancer 10/01/2015
New Drug with Many Potential Interactions 12/01/2015
New Epilepsy Treatment 12/01/2008
New FDA Safety Reports 10/01/2008
New FDA Safety Reports 10/01/2008
New FDA Services 06/01/2007
New Genetic Test Identifies Types of Drug Metabolism 12/01/2018
New Guidance for Non-Statins 09/01/2016
New Guideline for Alcohol Use Disorder 03/01/2018
New Guideline for Statin Use 12/01/2013
New Guideline on Blood Pressure Targets for Older Adults 03/01/2017
New Guidelines for Chronic Insomnia 05/01/2020
New Guidelines For Disposal of Prescription Drugs 07/01/2007
New Guidelines for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy 05/01/2011
New Hepatitis C Treatment 09/01/2017
New High-Dose Hydrocodone 12/01/2013
New Higher Aricept ® Dose 09/01/2010
New HIV Drug: Rilpivirine 07/01/2011
New HIV Guidelines 01/01/2010
New Hypertension Guidelines 02/01/2014
New Indication for Jardiance® 01/01/2017
New Indication for Vascepa® (Icosapent Ethyl) 02/01/2020
New IOP Lowering Medication 01/01/2018
New Liraglutide Indication 02/01/2015
New Look at Glucosamine and Chondroitin for OA 03/01/2015
New Medications For Opioid- Induced Constipation 11/01/2014
New Menopause Guideline 03/01/2014
New MTM Bill Introduced 03/01/2011
New Nasal Spray for Treatment Resistant Depression 05/01/2019
New Options for Patients Who Can’t Take Statins 05/01/2016
New Oral Iron Supplement 10/01/2019
New Oral Melanoma Drugs 07/01/2013
New Oral Treatment for MS 11/01/2010
New Pain Reliever Approved 01/01/2009
New Policy on Liquid Meds 05/01/2015
New Pregnancy Labels 07/01/2008
New Prevnar® 20 Vaccine 08/01/2021
New Psoriasis Drug 06/01/2016
New Quad Pill For HIV 11/01/2012
New RDAs for Vitamin D and Calcium 01/01/2011
New Reason to Take Aspirin 09/01/2014
New Retinoid for Acne 12/01/2019
New Role for the Weight Loss Drug Lorcaserin (Belviq®)? 01/01/2019
New Safety Issues Identified For 11 Drugs or Drug Classes 05/01/2017
New Seizure Meds Warning 02/01/2009
New Shingles Vaccine Recommended Over Zostavax® 12/01/2017
New Statin Warnings 04/01/2012
New Sumatriptan Formulation 03/01/2013
New Sunscreen Standards 09/01/2011
New Sunscreen Standards 10/01/2007
New Tamper-Proof Opioid 10/01/2009
New Topical for Dermatitis 02/01/2017
New Topical Medication for Actinic Keratosis 02/01/2021
New Treatment for Acne 12/01/2020
New Treatment for BPH 11/01/2008
New Treatment for Diabetes 06/01/2011
New Treatment for Migraine 12/01/2019
New Treatment for RLS 05/01/2011
New Triple Antibiotic 09/01/2019
New Warning and Recommendation to Limit Febuxostat Use 04/01/2019
New Warning for Gabapentin and Pregabalin 02/01/2020
New: Adjusting Warfarin for Kidney Dysfunction 02/01/2011
Newer Anticoagulants in Elders 07/01/2014
Nicotine Patch For Memory Loss? 02/01/2012
Nightime ASA Administration Best 01/01/2014
Nitroglycerin Strengthens Bones 04/01/2011
No Added Benefit with Niaspan®-Statin Combination 07/01/2011
No Antibiotics For Acute Respiratory Infections 04/01/2016
No Benefit from Black Cohosh 02/01/2007
No Increased Risk of Death From Menopausal HRT 11/01/2017
No Link Between ADHD Meds and Cardiovascular Events 01/01/2012
No More Codeine for Kids 11/01/2016
No NSAIDs Following an MI 10/01/2012
Nonadherence is Significant 09/01/2013
Non-Insulins Compared with Insulins for Type 2 DM 10/01/2016
Novel Agent for Diabetes 10/01/2014
Novel Drug Combination for Migraine 02/01/2016
Novel Drug for HIV Approved 09/01/2007
Novel Medication for Arthritis 12/01/2012
Novel Treatment for Hypertension on the Horizon 04/01/2008
Novel Treatment for Postpartum Depression 05/01/2019
Novel Weight Loss Aid 06/01/2019
NRT May Not Help Smokers Quit Long-Term 02/01/2012
NSAID Use Post Heart Attack 04/01/2015
NSAIDs Do Not Reduce SSRI Effectiveness 07/01/2012
NSAIDs Linked to Miscarriages 10/01/2011
NSAIDs Linked with Kidney Cancer 11/01/2011
NSAIDs May Lower SSRI Effectiveness 06/01/2011
Obesity is Undertreated 11/01/2016
OCs Protect Against Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers 02/01/2021
Older Adults Benefit from High Dose Atorvastatin 09/01/2007
Older Adults Benefit From Statins 09/01/2020
Older Patients Are OK with “Deprescribing” 12/01/2018
Oliceridine - A New IV Opioid 01/01/2021
Olmesartan Linked to Severe Sprulike Illness 12/01/2012
Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Improve ADHD 10/01/2017
Omega-3 PUFAs May Help Anxiety 11/01/2018
Omega-3s and Depression in Heart Disease Patients 12/01/2009
Omega-3s Favored Over Statins for Heart Failure 10/01/2008
Once Weekly Insulin for T2DM 12/01/2020
Once Weekly Treatment for Diabetes 03/01/2012
Once-Weekly Albiglutide 06/01/2014
Ondansetron (Zofran®) Likely Safe During Pregnancy 04/01/2013
Ondansetron Safe During Pregnancy? 06/01/2016
One In 3 New Rxs Not Filled 05/01/2014
One-third of Patients are Euthyroid After Stopping Levothyroxine 05/01/2021
OpenFDA Launched 07/01/2014
Opioid Lawsuits Reach Pharmacy Chains 07/01/2020
Opioid Use in Patients Taking Benzodiazepines 06/01/2018
Opioids Favored Over NSAIDs for Chronic Pain in Elderly 06/01/2009
Opioids Often Prescribed After Overdoses 02/01/2016
Opposition to Zohydro ER 04/01/2014
Optimal Time to Donate Plasma After COVID-19 Infection 04/01/2021
Oral Asthma Controllers Better Than Inhaled Corticosteroids? 10/01/2009
Oral BevyxxaTM Approved For VTE Prevention 09/01/2017
Oral Contraceptives May Reduce Bone Density in Teens 05/01/2019
Orlistat an Unlikely Cause of Acute Liver Injury 07/01/2013
Orlistat to Be Sold OTC 03/01/2007
Osteoporosis Treatments Lacking in Nursing Homes 07/01/2008
OTC Atorvastatin? 04/01/2014
OTC Naloxone on The Horizon 03/01/2019
OTC Primatene® Mist is Back 03/01/2019
OTC Treatment for Women with Urinary Symptoms 03/01/2013
Overadherence to Chemotherapy and Targeted Agents 11/01/2013
Overdose Epidemic Continues 04/01/2013
Overdoses in Young Children Increasing 02/01/2012
OxectaTM: An Abuse Deterrent Opioid 09/01/2011
Oxybutinin For Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors 02/01/2019
Pain Medication Update 03/01/2009
Pancreatitis Warning with Byetta® Strengthened 10/01/2008
Parents at Fault? 03/01/2008
Paroxetine Lowers Tamoxifen Effectiveness 03/01/2010
Paroxetine Unsafe for Teens 11/01/2015
Part D Medicare Beneficiaries Nonadherent to BP Meds 11/01/2016
Patch Problems are Minor 05/01/2010
Patients are Swallowing Spiriva and Foradil Capsules 04/01/2008
Patients Not Worried About Drugs That Impair Driving 01/01/2018
PCSK9-Inhibitors: A New Class of Drugs for Cholesterol 07/01/2015
PDMPs May Not Account For Many Opioid Prescriptions 02/01/2018
Pediatric ADEs Common 11/01/2009
Pediatric Liquid OTC Medicines Don’t Measure Up 01/01/2011
Pediatric Vaccine News 11/01/2007
Penicillin Allergy Skin Testing? 04/01/2009
People Overcomplicate Dosing Instructions 04/01/2011
Persistent Antibiotic Resistance 07/01/2010
Pertussis Vaccine Refusal Risky 07/01/2009
Pharmacies Ban Tobacco Sales 04/01/2009
Pharmacist-Physician Teams Manage Chronic Disease 01/01/2010
Pharmacist-Prescribed Contraception Decreases Pregnancies 07/01/2020
Pharmacist-Prescribed Hormonal Contraceptives 02/01/2018
Pharmacists and Dermatologists Not on Same Page About Topical Corticosteroids? 06/01/2019
Pharmacists Authorized to Order & Administer Childhood Vaccines 10/01/2020
Pharmacists Impact HIV Outcomes 03/01/2007
Pharmacists Improve Cardiovascular Disease Risk 12/01/2011
Pharmacists Improve Adherence to HF Medications 07/01/2007
Pharmacists Improve Blood Pressure Control 01/01/2011
Pharmacists Improve Care of Cardiac Patients 06/01/2009
Pharmacists Improve High Blood Pressure Outcomes 09/01/2008
Pharmacists Influence Discontinuing BZDs in Older Patients 07/01/2017
Pharmacy Closures More Frequent in Urban Areas 12/01/2019
Pharmacy Tech Bill Proposed 04/01/2008
Phenylephrine - Acetaminophen Interaction 05/01/2014
Physicians Have Mixed Views About Pharmacists Giving Vaccines 07/01/2021
Pill Appearance Affects Adherence 09/01/2014
Pimavanserin – Reexamined After Reports of Death 06/01/2018
Pioglitazone Lowers MI/Stroke Risk in Patients with Insulin Resistance 04/01/2016
Pioglitazone May Prevent Dementia 10/01/2015
Placebo Effect Getting “Stronger” 04/01/2010
Plan B Indication Broadened 06/01/2009
Plavix® Effectiveness Tied to Genetic Make-Up 02/01/2009
Plavix-PPI Follow-Up 06/01/2009
Plavix-PPI Interaction Update 05/01/2010
Polypharmacy Is Increasing Among Older Adults 05/01/2016
Polypill Improves Adherence - Does It Reduce CV Disease? 10/01/2013
Poor Blood Pressure Control is Common in High-Risk Patients 10/23/2007
Poor Provider Communication Affects Adherence 02/01/2013
Postmenopausal HRT Lowers Cardiovascular Risk 11/01/2012
Potassium Binders Should Not Be Taken With Other Oral Drugs 10/01/2017
Potency of Expired Drugs 01/01/2013
Potential Dangers of UVA Rays 11/01/2011
Potential Therapy for Peanut Allergy 01/01/2019
PPI Use and COVID-19 RIsk 10/01/2020
PPI Use Update 01/01/2015
PPIs Do Not Help and May Harm Children with Asthma 03/01/2012
PPIs During Infancy Increases Risk of Childhood Fractures 09/01/2019
PPIs Increase Diabetes Risk 12/01/2020
PPIs Linked to Strokes 01/01/2017
PPIs Linked with Kidney Disease 03/01/2016
PPIs Reduce Hospitalizations for Anticoagulant-Related GI Bleeding 02/01/2019
Pradaxa®’s Bleeding Risk 01/01/2012
Pradaxa®’s Unusual Expiration Date 03/01/2011
Prasterone Approved for Postmenopausal Painful Intercourse 01/01/2017
Prediabetes Awareness Campaign 03/01/2016
PRE-Diabetes Management 09/01/2008
Prednisolone vs. Indomethacin for Acute Gout 04/01/2016
Prednisone Unnecessary for Hives 06/01/2017
Pregabalin for Hand OA 02/01/2018
Pregabalin Not Effective for Sciatica 05/01/2017
Pregnant Women Often Don’t Get Vaccinations 03/01/2019
Pre-Op Metformin May Improve Outcomes in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes 06/01/2020
Prescribing Controlled Substances Via Telemedicine 05/01/2020
Prescription Drug Abuse Declared Public Health Crisis 06/01/2011
Prescription Drugs Featured In CDC Health Report 06/01/2014
Preventing Antibiotic-Related Diarrhea with Probiotics? 09/01/2007
PristiqTM Approved 05/01/2008
Probiotics for C. Diff Diarrhea Prevention 05/01/2018
Procalcitonin-Guided Antibiotic Therapy 01/01/2018
Production of Unapproved Quinine Products Halted 02/01/2007
Promising HIV Protection 09/01/2010
Psychiatric Medications – Prescribing Patterns 02/01/2017
Psychiatric Risks with Chantix® Still Unclear 12/01/2011
Putting Beers Criteria to Use 12/01/2015
Putting Statin-linked Diabetes Risk in Perspective 04/01/2010
Qnexa® Recommended for Approval 04/01/2012
Quantity of Opioids Prescribed Post-Op Predicts Consumption 01/01/2019
Raising Thyroid Disease Awareness 03/01/2015
Ranbaxy Generics Ban 11/01/2008
Rare Side Effects of Bisphosphonates 06/01/2011
Real World Data on Warfarin Bleeding Risk 01/01/2013
Reasons for Supplement Use 03/01/2013
Recognizing Serotonin Syndrome 09/01/2016
Record Number of FDA Drug Approvals 02/01/2015
Recycling Medications 05/01/2008
Refilling DC’d Medications? 01/01/2013
Regulatory News Proposed Increase in PHARMA Fees 02/01/2007
Reliability of Online Medical Information 06/01/2010
Reliability of Rapid Flu Virus Tests 02/01/2013
RelistorTM Approved 06/01/2008
Remdesivir Approved for COVID-19 12/01/2020
Remdesivir for COVID-19 06/01/2020
Remind All About Pertussis 09/01/2010
Reminder Devices May Not Improve Medication Adherence 04/01/2017
Removing PCN Allergy From Medical Records Saves Money 07/01/2018
REMS for ER/LA Opioids 09/01/2012
Repurposing Used Prescription Medications 06/01/2020
Reserve PTU for 2nd-Line Use 09/01/2009
Resistant Fungus in the US 05/01/2017
Resistant Hypertension Responds to Low-Salt Diet 11/01/2009
Responding to Flu Vaccine Skeptics 09/01/2020
Response to COVID-19 Vaccine in Immunocompromised People 05/01/2021
Restarting Antithrombotic Medication After A GI Bleed 11/01/2019
Re-Think Stopping a Statin 09/01/2017
Retinoid Cream Scare 03/01/2009
Reversal Agent for Dabigatran 12/01/2015
Revised ASA Guidance for People with Diabetes 09/01/2010
Revisiting CBD Drug Interactions 07/01/2019
Risk of Anemia with Metformin 11/01/2020
Risk of Psychosis with Stimulant Use for ADHD 05/01/2019
Risk Score Predicts Dementia in Type 2 Diabetes Patients 10/01/2013
Risk VS Benefit of Low-Dose Aspirin Questioned 07/01/2012
Rivaroxaban Plus ASA Better Than ASA Alone in Cutting Stroke Risk 04/01/2018
Rivaroxaban Safe in Real-World A-Fib Study 10/01/2015
Roche Under Fire for Missing Tamiflu® Data 12/01/2012
Rotarix® Vaccine Suspended 05/01/2010
Rx Drug Monitoring Programs and Pill Mill Policies in Florida 07/01/2016
Rx Drug Use Still Rising 11/01/2010
Sacubitril/valsartan (Entresto® ) Gets Expanded Indication 04/01/2021
Safety Concerns With Use of ACE Inhibitors Plus ARBs 12/01/2007
Safety Officials Urge Ban on Cold Medicines in Young Kids 11/01/2007
Safety Risks with Zolpidem 03/01/2011
Safinamide improves “On” Time in Parkinson’s Disease 05/01/2017
Salsalate Improves Glucose Control 09/01/2013
Scopolamine for Add-On Treatment of Depression 12/01/2012
Screen for 5 Factors That Predict Heart Disease & Diabetes 10/01/2019
Screening Baby Boomers For Hepatitis C 07/01/2012
Selective Publication of Antidepressant Trials 03/01/2008
Self Monitoring Probably Helps Lower BP 09/01/2013
Self-Management of BP Works in Patients at High Risk 10/01/2014
Self-Monitoring Unnecessary in Some With Type 2 Diabetes 04/01/2012
Semaglutide is Effective for Weight Loss 03/01/2021
Serious Adverse Drug Events Double From 1998 to 2005 10/01/2007
Serious Drug Interaction: TMP with ACE Inhibitors or ARBs 12/01/2014
Serious Fluoroquinolone Effects 09/01/2015
Serious Interaction With Sofosbuvir & Amiodarone 05/01/2015
Serious Simvastatin Interaction 09/01/2008
SGLT-2 Inhibitors Compared With Other Diabetes Drugs for Reducing Mortality 06/01/2018
SGLT2 Inhibitors Linked to DKA in COVID Patients with Diabetes 03/01/2021
SGLT2 Inhibitors Reduce the Risk of Major Cardiovascular Events 01/01/2021
SGLT-2 Inhibitors: Greater Risks Than Originally Thought? 01/01/2016
SGLT2-Inhibitors Reduce Kidney Problems in Diabetes 07/01/2020
Sharing Prescription Drugs 07/01/2014
Shorter PCN Courses for Strep 01/01/2020
Simvastatin 80 mg Warnings 07/01/2011
Single Dose of Ondansetron Increases QT Interval 03/01/2018
Single-Dose Secnidazole Approved for Bacterial Vaginosis 11/01/2017
Singulair® Safety Review 05/01/2008
Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Prescribing On The Rise 11/01/2020
Sklice® for Head Lice 12/01/2012
Smoking Cessation News 04/01/2015
Smoking Cessation News 06/01/2008
Smoking Cessation Recommendations Neutral on E-Cigs 11/01/2015
Sofosbuvir & Simeprivir for HCV 01/01/2014
Some Patients Benefit from Aspirin Primary Prevention 11/01/2019
Spironolactone for Acne – No Need for K+ Monitoring 05/01/2015
SSRI Antidepressants Decrease Efficacy of Some Opioids 04/01/2019
SSRI Improves Memory Post-Stroke 04/01/2010
SSRIs and Pregnancy Risk 05/01/2009
SSRIs During Pregnancy 12/01/2016
SSRIs Increase Risk of Serious Bleeding in Coumarin Users 03/01/2008
SSRIs Linked with Post-Op Complications 06/01/2013
St. Johns Wort for Depression 11/01/2008
Statewide Pharmacy Program to Prevent Opioid Use Disorder 11/01/2019
Statin Adherence Affects Likelihood of Death 05/01/2019
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